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The Challenges Today For Major Aspects In [fashion]

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UK considers rival to EU Galileo satellite Even more potential pieces of paper emerge when you delve into the EU’s internal preparations for the talks about the future relationship. Officials in Brussels have raised the prospect of an EU-UK Partnership Agreement on fisheries, although this may be incorporated into the Free Trade Agreement. Continued use of the EU’s Galileo satellite navigation system might require two more deals to be done: one on access to the satellites themselves and another for the navigational information that they provide, called the Public Regulated Service. When it comes to co-operating in the fight against crime, Denmark has a treaty with Europol. The US has two agreements: one on law enforcement and another on extradition. Image caption The UK may need a treaty like advantages and disadvantages of online shopping Denmark’s to continue working with Europol to fight cyber crime, terrorism and people trafficking Officials have also pointed out that the EU has Social Security Co-ordination Agreements with non-EU countries to help administer the payment of benefits and pensions. The truth is that diplomats from the 27 remaining EU countries have not had a discussion yet about what some call the “chapeau” – the shape of the future relationship with the UK. “It’s more about substance than form at the moment,” one told me. And so far, the talks about the future relationship have only generated a list of subjects to be considered. Image caption European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greeting Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May So it’s not clear if Theresa May will be signing the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and one blockbuster pact for the future relationship or whether she will have to get her pen out many times. What Brussels wants to avoid is a repeat of its relationship with Switzerland, which is governed by more than 100 different deals that can be the source of multiple mini-disputes.

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