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The Liberal Democrats managed to capture Richmond-upon-Thames from the Conservatives, where their party leader, Sir Vince Cable, is a local MP. But the Conservatives had the consolation of winning control of both Basildon and Peterborough . So, what does this tell us about how the parties have fared – and why? Behind these gains and losses is a clear pattern of rises and falls in the levels of party support. Most of the seats being contested were previously fought over in 2014, when Labour were narrowly ahead of the Conservatives in the opinion polls. At that time, UKIP were riding the crest of a wave, while the Liberal Democrats were in the doldrums. Thanks to a collapse in UKIP support almost everywhere, both the Conservatives and Labour are enjoying more support this year than they did four years ago. The BBC’s projected national vote share puts both parties on 35%. This could be seen as a draw, so far as both parties’ national performance was concerned.

E-Commerce Automation is an online sales platform based on reliable and well-known Blockchain technology. In practical terms, it is fully automated with online sales based on Full Dropshipping technology with a huge network of partner stores.

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