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He insisted he did not call Wa Lone and that it was the reporter who initiated the meeting. He also said he was alone. A prosecution witness, however, Police Captain Moe Yan Naing, told the court in April that hours before the reporters were arrested a senior officer had ordered Naing Lin to plant the documents on Wa Lone to “trap” the reporter. Other police witnesses have previously told the court the reporters were arrested at a random security checkpoint, by officers who were unaware they were journalists, and found to be holding secret documents in their hands. Myanmar government spokesman Zaw Htay has declined to comment throughout the proceedings, saying Myanmar’s courts are independent and the case would be conducted according to the law. He did not answer calls seeking comment on Monday. Lead prosecutor Kyaw Min Aung declined to comment. At the time of their arrest, the reporters had been working on an investigation into the killing of 10 Rohingya Muslim men and boys in the village of Inn Din in western Myanmar’s Rakhine State. The killings took place during a military crackdown that United Nations agencies say led to more than 700,000 Rohingya fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh. “I tried to meet them (police) to get information on what happened in Inn Din. I didn’t meet them to get any documents,” Wa Lone said in his testimony.

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Victorville prison strains to handle hundreds of immigrant detainees: 'We cannot take care of these inmates'

Victorville prison strains to handle hundreds of immigrant detainees: Victorville prison strains to handle hundreds of immigrant detainees: ‘We cannot take care of these inmates’ A Dept. Homeland Security bus enters the federal prison complex in Victorville in June, when nearly 1,000 immigration detainees were sent there. (James Quigg / Associated Press) Immigration detainees who were sent to a federal prison in Victorville last month were kept in their cells for prolonged periods with little access to the outside and were unable to change their clothing for weeks, according to workers at the facility and visitors who have spoken with detainees. Staffers at the prison also say they have not been given the proper resources or direction to handle the influx of detainees, putting both inmates and workers in danger. “We’re putting out fires, just like we were doing before,” said a worker who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation. “But it’s gone from bad to worse to worst. We cannot take care of these inmates.” The Victorville Federal Correctional Complex is a sprawling federal prison in San Bernardino County that houses thousands of inmates who have been convicted of crimes in federal courts. The immigrants who were sent there are considered “civil” rather than criminal detainees, meaning they are being held pending the outcome of their immigration cases. Some are asylum seekers; some are fathers who were separated from their children in recent months. They were sent to the prison in June as part of the Trump administration’s policy of increasingly detaining asylum seekers and immigrants in the country illegally until their cases are decided.

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I’ve noticed an unusual trend in foreign print-media, about Pakistan, latest being, the Economist, Wall Street Journal & Los Angeles Times. It is so very obvious that the int’l deep state or establishment doesn’t want any change in Pakistan. They want Pakistan to stay corrupt.

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