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Echoes of Streamline Moderne elements decorate its front facade, but its flank is all boxy International Style — an architectural mullet: party in the front, business on the side. Circle around the block, to the corner of 1st Street and Broadway, and you’ll arrive at the glass-and-granite headquarters of the old Times Mirror Co., once The Times’ parent company. Completed in 1973, the Pereira building contains a glass atrium, oodles of wood paneling and decorative flourishes such as starburst chandeliers and polished aluminum in the ladies’ lounges. It’s a wondrous time capsule of the Late Modern era — down to the board room with the Times Mirror logo etched into the deep-pile carpet. That’s if you can get in to see it. Onni denied requests for access to the building for the purposes of an architectural story. Thankfully, Onni doesn’t appear to have the Escher-esque array of stairwells in the complex adequately mapped, because I was able to slip into Times Mirror and spent an afternoon exploring the wood-paneled boardrooms, postmodern dining rooms and the various glass-walled power suites once decorated with sleek Wassily chairs until I was discovered by Onni’s chief of security, who escorted me out of the building. The old executive board room in the Times Mirror corporate headquarters contained a circular conference table. (The circular light fixture, above, was not part of the original design.) (Carolina A. Miranda / Los Angeles Times) The logo for the Times Mirror Co., The Times’ former parent company, is embossed into wall-to-wall carpet in the executive board room. (Carolina A.

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Trump and EU leader agree to work toward eliminating tariffs and declaring a cease-fire in trade war

Trump and EU leader agree to work toward eliminating tariffs and declaring a cease-fire in trade war More soybean purchases, which Trump said would start “almost immediately,” would bring relief to farmers in politically key states who have been hurt by retaliatory tariffs, especially from China. On Tuesday, Trump announced a $12-billion aid program to help American farmers hurt by Trump’s trade war with China. Juncker said Europe looked forward to bolstering cooperation with the U.S. on energy. “This is also a message for others,’’ he said, an apparent reference to Europe’s current reliance on Russian energy imports. “I had the intention to make a deal today,’’ Juncker said. “And we made a deal today.” Analysts described the meeting as moderately successful, especially given the low expectations on both sides of the Atlantic. “Juncker didn’t come to reset relations or to have some massive 2.0 [trade] plan,” said Bart Oosterveld, director of global business and economic programs at the Atlantic Council. “His mandate was to stop the bleeding, and that’s what may have happened.” Philip I. Levy, senior fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, said the early reports from the meeting sounded “just like the kind of agreement reached with China last year — some purchase promises and a pledge to talk more.” “In China’s case, that led to trade war, not trade peace,” Levy said. “The warming of relations and any delay in additional protection would be welcome, but this does not seem like a lasting solution to the president’s tweeted concerns.” Trump has repeatedly complained about the EU’s merchandise trade surplus of about $150 billion with the United States, and in particular has targeted Germany and its auto industry.

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REUTERS/Mike Hutchings The meeting of BRICS leaders is the first since the U.S. administration launched a push to rebalance trade multilateralism that Trump has deemed unfair – relationships that the United States once championed. Earlier on Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a concerted effort by global institutions such as the United Nations and the WTO to fight unilateralism and protectionism. Xi, who leads the world’s second-biggest economy, also called for dialogue to settle disputes on global trade, underlining remarks he made at the opening of the summit the previous day. “We must work together … to safeguard the rule-based multilateral trading regime, promote trade and investment, globalization and facilitation, and reject protectionism outright,” Xi said. On Wednesday, Xi said there would be no winner in a global trade war. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa at the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa July 26, 2018. Sputnik/Alexei Nikolsky/Kremlin via REUTERS Russian President Vladimir Putin called for more trade within the BRICS bloc. “We should work to reduce administrative barriers to stimulate trade between our countries,” Putin said. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the bloc’s members to harness technology to develop their economies.

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