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City of L.A. faces new lawsuit over Department of Water and Power transfer of funds

City of L.A. faces new lawsuit over Department of Water and Power transfer of funds City of L.A. faces new lawsuit over Department of Water and Power transfer of funds The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power building in downtown L.A. A new lawsuit targets the transfer of money from the utility to the city. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times) A longtime critic of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power sued the city of L.A. Wednesday over its routine practice of taking millions of dollars from the utility each year and spending it on basic services. The lawsuit, filed in the L.A. Superior Court and brought by Jack Humphreville, is one of several lawsuits filed in recent years that target the yearly transfer between the DWP and the city. Humphreville’s lawsuit alleges the DWP payment amounts to an illegal tax and asks a judge to order the funds collected earlier this year by the city — more than $241 million — returned to the utility. Humphreville’s attorney, Jerry Flanagan, said in an interview that the tax violates Propositions 218 and 26, which require voter approval for new levies. “If the DWP had collected money for infrastructure repair and power generation and used it for those purposes, we wouldn’t have a lawsuit,” said Flanagan, an attorney for Consumer Watchdog, a Los Angeles consumer advocacy group that also has been critical of the DWP.

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“Melyda’s loved ones are entitled to answers — and Angelenos deserve complete transparency in understanding the full circumstances of her death. “I met with Melyda’s father on Saturday to share my sorrow over his daughter’s death, and he has my commitment to a thorough investigation and helping the family in any way possible — as they take those first, enormously difficult steps toward coping with the trauma of losing such a vibrant, compassionate young woman who was loved by so many.” The series of events that led to the shooting began hours earlier in South L.A. Police said Atkins had an argument with his grandmother at their home in the 1600 block of East 32nd Street. Atkins shot the woman multiple times before forcing his girlfriend into his grandmother’s Toyota Camry, authorities said. Police used an anti-vehicle theft system to track Atkins to Hollywood hours later, when he fled. The decision to engage in a firefight at the busy shopping center led some to question the LAPD’s response, while others were quick to praise the officers for risking their lives in an effort to stop Atkins. Charles “Sid” Heal, a retired L.A. County sheriff’s commander and expert on law enforcement shootings, said the video reflects the realities of the life-and-death decisions officers face when a suspect fires at them in a public place. “The suspect created the situation and law enforcement inherited it,” Heal said.

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