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Anyone bringing a concealed weapon onto premises with such signage will be guilty of a misdemeanor. What about weapons other than concealed handguns? South Carolina has a criminal trespass statute which I believe was enacted to enable prosecution of lunch counter sit-in demonstrators during the civil rights era, but it remains on the books to make it a crime for a person to enter property after notice or remain on property after notice. To take advantage of this statute I would suggest all newspapers wishing to prevent weapons from their premises have two signs. The first would be the concealed weapon sign described above and a second sign reading, “Any person bringing a weapon onto these premises will be a trespasser.” I acknowledge that signs by themselves won’t prevent those persons intent on assault and mayhem from bringing weapons to newspapers. So, what else can you do? If possible, configure the entrance to your building so that entry is controlled through a locked door. Other doors should prevent entry from the outside without a key, but for safety should be operable from the inside without a key. I realize that if the outside doors can be unlocked from the inside, and do not lock automatically, the contrarian nature of reporters is such that they will “forget” to lock the outside door when they run to their car to get a notebook or smartphone.

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