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This number will continue increasing as rescue teams continue to find victims under collapsed buildings,” the agency said in a statement on Thursday. 11.20am update: Citizens running scared after more quakes hit the region Authorities made announcements over loudspeakers at evacuation sites after Thursday’s quake, urging people to remain calm and stay inside tents or find open space if they were inside or near buildings. “Please stay calm, this is just an aftershock and it will be over soon, there’s no need to be scared,” one official announced in a calm voice. Officials said about three-quarters of Lombok’s rural north had been without electricity since Sunday, although power had since been restored in most areas. Aid workers have found some hamlets hard to reach because bridges and roads were torn up by the disaster. Ruslan, a 29-year-old resident of Pemenang on the northwestern shoulder of Lombok, said he had already been anxious about aftershocks before the latest jolt. “My heart jumps if even the door slams hard. It’s difficult to get used to,” he said. “We are still scared to go into the house. At the most we go in quickly to grab something and then run back out.” Indonesia earthquake: Gili Islands have suffered extensive destruction (Image: UN) 10.52am update: Satellite imagery analysis conducted by United nation experts revealed the destruction of Gili Islands This map illustrates satellite-detected potentially damaged buildings and gathering sites over Gili Islands as of August 8, after the 6.9 earthquake that struck Lombok on August 5.  The analysis was conducted using a post-event Pleiades satellite image acquired on August 8.  UNITAR-UNOSAT analysis identified minor damage over Gili Islands, 15 potentially damaged buildings, mainly observed in Gili Air and 6 potentially gatherings sites in Gili Trawangan island.  This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. 10.35am update: NASA satellite map shows new ground deformation after Bali quake Scientists from NASA used new satellite data to produce a map of ground deformation on Lombok, Indonesia, following the deadly 6.9-magnitude earthquake on August 5.

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