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'Castle' may be over, but Nathan Fillion is back on ABC as 'The Rookie'

He’s like the guy-next-door gone one degree better. I think that’s what makes him relatable but also grounded. I think that’s a big part of his appeal with audiences.” As Fillion tells it, he’s “super-duper lucky” to have portrayed a lot of characters that appeal to him. “Even if they’re not particularly nice characters, they’re so flawed that you like to judge them,” Fillion says. “There’s a safety in judging. It’s like, ‘I’m glad I’m not that guy. I know I’m smarter than this guy. That guy, he’s so flawed.’ That it makes you feel better about yourself watching someone who’s terribly flawed. If I’ve been pigeonholed as anything, it’s as that likable, for whatever reason, guy. I’m super-fortunate.” To maintain his grip on the heroic guy-next-door persona this time around requires a finesse with action sequences. The stunt work — however much of it he chooses to do — has already prompted Fillion to come up with his go-to zinger about doing action scenes at this stage in his life.

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Lenin statue in Shahritus, Tajikistan, 2013 Ukraine: Lenin statue given Darth Vader makeover That is until 2016, when the local authorities caught up with a new wave of replacing Soviet-era statues with those of Tajik national heroes from the pre-Russian past. They shipped their Lenin off to the village of Obshoron, where it languished in a builder’s yard. The imams did not explain why they funded Lenin’s return to Shahritus, but the town-centre plinth had remained empty for more than two years since his demotion. The saga has prompted a wide range of reaction on social media, with many comments expressing incredulity. “They aren’t clerics, they’re idol worshippers ,” complained one writer on Ozodi’s site, while others said the money could have been spent “on helping the poor “. But some were quick to compare Tajikistan’s current state unfavourably with living standards under Soviet rule. “They did the right thing. If it had not been for Lenin, all Central Asians would be illiterate like in Afghanistan,” wrote ‘ Muhojir ‘. There were also users who said it was simply better to acknowledge the country’s past. shopping mall shopping aisle shopping online belgium shopping b&d

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