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How did T&T escape devastation?

muster Latchman said that Tuesday’s quake was 130 kilometres deep and at a considerable distance from Port of Spain “so those are the factors that have contributed to the lower levels of damage in Trinidad and Tobago” She said that if Tuesday’s quake was at the same depth and distance as the Haiti tragedy, Trinidad and Tobago country would have seen widespread destruction. Build your home in accordance with the recommended building codes. See your local disaster management office for details. Bolt heavy furniture, water tanks, water heaters, gas cylinders and storage units to a wall or floor. Place largest and heaviest items on lower shelves. Emergency items such as canned foods, medication, flashlights, battery-operated radios, fire extinguishers and a First Aid kit should be readily available and working properly. All family members should know how to use this emergency equipment and should know how to turn off electricity, gas and water using safety valves and main switches. All family members should know what to do during an earthquake and should practice these safety tips through regular drills. If inside stay inside, do not run out of the building.

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“(On Tuesday), the people won and corruption lost,” he said, opening a 23-minute press conference at the union hall. “On Nov. 6, the people will have the chance to make all the changes needed to take back City Hall. On Election Day, you can tell the mayor and the city manager and special interest — this is our city, and they will run it as we the people see fit.” Steele talked about his union’s defeat of “big-money power brokers hell-bent on not allowing citizens to vote” through their “dark and devious legal maneuvers.” RELATED: San Antonio fire union to sue city over alleged First Amendment violation Archer, who spent the afternoon fielding phone calls about the union’s press conference, fired back. “Chris Steele is the definition of ‘corruption’ and ‘special interest.’ He’s been caught lying over and over and over again,” Archer said. “He knows it. We know it.” The union’s press conference, he said, was “a gigantic distraction from the truth and the devastating consequences these propositions woulds have on generations of San Antonians.” Taking the gloves off fully, Archer continued, citing a recent column by Brian Chasnoff, who wrote that a decade ago, Steele told City Manager Sheryl Sculley in a meeting that “you need to know when you deal with me that I lie.” “In Brian Chasnoff’s column, he was quoted as saying, ‘I’m not afraid of lying about anything,’” he said. “It’s the one thing for sure we can believe Chris Steele on.” The three proposed amendments would: cap the salary of future city managers and place term limits on them; lower the threshold for signatures on referendum petitions, increase the amount of time allowed for gathering them and remove prohibitions against overturning utility rates, tax levies and appropriations; and give the union sole discretion to declare an impasse on contract negotiations and force the city into binding arbitration, removing its right to seek relief in the court system. Opponents say the measures would wreak havoc on municipal governance, endanger fiscal stability and likely lead to a costly downgrading of the city’s AAA bond rating. It’s also clearly an attack on Sculley and her tenure here. RELATED: Fire union PAC amends reports, documenting $504,000 spent on petition campaign The PAC based its lawsuit on a series of stories in the San Antonio Express-News, which reported that the fire union had failed to disclose its spending on the petition campaign.

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Seen on train, man reading Daily Telegraph a large British newspaper, a younger guy seated next to him also reading Daily Telegraph but on ipad.I saw this on Gatwick Express as I passed them by.IThe older reading original.The younger reading same but modern way.

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