SEO Optimization Techniques for Websites

Who wants to double search traffic?

Knowing SEO optimization techniques for websites is essential to boosting brand awareness and traffic. At this time, there are thousands of potential customers who may be looking for your type of content. You can help them find you by knowing how to apply SEO to your website. Based on a report from HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic starts with a search query. SEO plays a big part here, and you need to include it in your marketing efforts. You need to be on top of your SEO game to get high rankings on Google. This takes much research, study, and experimentation. Please take note that Google regularly updates their algorithms, so you need to keep an eye on the latest news. People make over 3.5 billion searches on Google in the US. 78% of them use the internet to research products and services before they make a purchase. When your website starts to rise in rank in Google’s search results, you will get more visibility and traffic. This can lead to more conversions and added revenue. Your SEO goal should be to land on page one of the search results. 75% of searchers don’t click past the first page. The top 3 organic search results get 60% of all web traffic. Leads that come from a search have a 14.6% closing rate versus 1.7% from other channels like print or direct mail ads.

Here are SEO tips and tricks you can apply to increase your search traffic.

Make an SEO Audit
Auditing your site will help you find out why you are not getting enough search traffic and conversion. An SEO audit means you examine your site’s overall performance. The process helps you increase traffic by getting your content to your audience, learn more here hybrid traffic.

There are still many sites missing basic on-page SEO like titles, keywords, URL structure, blog post format, and meta tags. You may have overlooked it during creating your site but you can fix them with an audit.

Learn What Your Readers Want
Google is big on data. Every tool, platform and device they design has one purpose: to access data from users and use it to build their search engine. You can start to think like Google. Focus on what your target customers want. When you start listening to feedback from your consumers you get to know more about what they want and develop content that caters to their needs. The opinions of your user’s matter. They determine whose idea, product, article or concept gets shared or funded. We can look at Kickstarter campaigns as an example. Most projects go unnoticed for a while until a few people donate some money, others follow soon afterward.

If you are a startup and don’t have loyal customers yet, there are ways to get feedback from the internet:

  • Go to social media platforms like Quora
  • Check on your most popular pages in Google Analytics
  • See what posts get the highest shares
  • Read visitor comments on your blog posts

You need to discover where your target audience hangs out online and what topics they talk about.

Quora is a great platform to do your research and find out what people are talking about. If you want to write a book, for example, Quora would be a good source of content ideas. Just go to Quora and sign up for an account or sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Upon login, you can type your keyword and press enter.

Review the questions people are asking. If you have the answers to these questions, you can write an article or blog post about it.

Mobile First
There has been a shift from users using their desktops for their browsing and searches to mobile. In May 2016, Google had an algorithm update that boosts organic search results for sites that are mobile friendly. Business Insider projects that by 2020, 45% of all e-commerce sales in America will be done on a mobile device. That market is worth $284 billion in the US alone.

Making your site look good on mobile is now a standard and not a luxury anymore.

No need to worry if you have a WordPress theme as all themes have been designed to be responsive to mobile.

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