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Save the date: National Can-It-Forward Day

On August 13th, join Canning Across America, Jarden Home Brands and millions of food lovers to learn the ease of preserving fresh food as part of National Can-It-Forward Day.

Who: Anyone can join. Whether you are new to canning or a seasoned pro, canning is always more fun when shared with friends.

What: Get a group together and host your very own Can-It-Forward Home Canning Party on August 13th.  Click here to get started.

Where: Jarden Home Brands, makers of Ball® Home Canning Products, will be hosting members of Canning Across America for live canning demonstrations at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. We will announce the full schedule of events in coming weeks  so get ready to join the Can-A-Rama:

  • Online: From 11 AM – 7 PM EST/8 AM – 4 PM PST, view demonstrations from the comfort of your own home or during a Can-It-Forward Day Home Canning Party!  Ask our experts and chefs questions in our live Q&A.
  • In Seattle: If you live in or are in the Seattle area, stop by Pike Place Market and participate in person!  We’ll be celebrating with live canning demonstrations throughout the day, give-a-ways and sampling and more!

Why: Celebrate the bounty of summer through with home canning with friends and family.

Between now and August 13th, be sure to join the canning conversation on twitter or facebook. We’d love to hear your stories, view your photos and share out love of canning as we approach this momentous day!





Canning Quote of the Day

Bread & butter pickles. Photo: Flickr/grrlscout224

Thursday, July 22
“I’ll be showing some ladies how to use a pressure canner when we put up pints of Roasted Poblano Salsa and quarts of Spicy Bloody Mary Mix this Saturday, July 24. We’ve got 50 pounds of tomato seconds, a basket full of peppers (hot, mild and incendiary), a peck of onions and lots of garlic and spices. We’ll enjoy a potluck lunch. At the end of the day, we all hope to go home with plenty of goodies.”
–Cathy B., Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, July 20
“When I was growing up my mom and the neighbor ladies would all get together and can whatever everyone had and then they would share the end results of their combined labors. I also took canning in 4-H and remember how proud I was of my first canning adventure – green beans!

The rest of the neighbor ladies are gone now, but my mom still cans. It’s been a long time since it was a family event and I am planning to get my mom, sister, nephew, and I together in August to have a family canning day. We’ll get to spend time with family, bond over the wholesome activity, and share in the beautiful jars of tomatoes, vegetable soup, preserves, and whatever else takes our fancy. I’m looking forward to this and will enjoy the foods all winter and the memory for years to come.”
–Janiece D., DeWitt, Ill.

Monday, July 19
“I would love to host a canning party on July 24 to help celebrate Canning Across America. I’ll call it “Getting Your Can On” —  it’s our going to the county fair canning party. Canning has been my passion since my husband’s grandmother introduced me to the lost art. Guess she wanted to make sure this city mouse would keep her country mouse grandson healthy. It became an obsession. I would take vacation from my job around what I was canning. Then March 17, 2008, I got canned from my job. I turned to canning as my crutch to battle my anger. Thus Just Got Canned was born.”
Donna S., in Spotswood, N.J.

Join Donna, Janiece & the rest of the Canvolutionaries this weekend (July 24-25) for the Can-a-Rama 2010. There’s still time to set up a home canning party & enter to win canning supplies. Let’s Jam on it!


Today, we celebrate!

Canning Across AmericaPhoto: Flickr/mikeunited

In many ways, it feels like we’ve known each other a lifetime. That’s the power of twitter, facebook, press, and above all else— a canvolution.

Inspired by Yes, We Can, a community home canning project in the Bay Area, founding member Kim O’Donnel asked out loud on Twitter: What if Seattle got in on the canning act? Better still, what if we led the charge and set a date for a city-wide can-a-thon and encourage other cities around the country to follow suit for simultaneous coast-to-coast canning ‘stravaganzas?

Within less than a week, was born.

Together, over the past year, we’ve shared success and disappointment, resources and recipes, mentoring and festivity around the canning kettle and here on the computer screen. It is the sincere desire to celebrate the bounty of local and seasonal produce that has unified people from all walks of life and level of expertise.

We could not have done this without every one of you. Because of your support and readership, Canning Across America has evolved from “a nationwide, ad hoc collective of cooks, gardeners and food lovers committed to the revival of the lost art of  “putting up” food”, into a true movement.

The collective voice of Canning Across America celebrates our one-year birth today. Pop a can and enjoy with us!


Mark Your Calendars: Can-A-Rama 2010

Shuksan strawberry jam. Photo: Myra Kohn

Dear Canvolutionaries,

A year ago, you joined us in solidarity, coast to coast, to resurrect the lost art of “putting up” food. With the growing season underway in most parts of the country, we are ramping up for Year Two of the Canvolution and hope you’ll join us at the canning kettle once again!

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce Can-a-Rama 2010, a simultaneous show of cans around the country, with home canners bellying up to the stoves and preserving their favorite seasonal goodies. We invite you to join us the weekend of July 24 & 25, by hosting a canning party in your own community, as we will be doing in cities and towns across America.

But that’s not all, folks! Once you get the canning bug, you kinda can’t stop, as many CAA members can tell you. In fact, some canners recently shared that sometimes they get so busy canning they forget to stop, pop open a jar and the time to enjoy the “fruits” of their labor. That’s why we’ll host the first-ever Eat Up What You Put Up, a celebration of our bounty in jars! Save the date for the weekend of October 15-16; like the Can-a-Rama, we encourage you to host gatherings in your own communities to sample your canning handiwork and to share with your fellow canners.

And like last year, we’ve got goodies to give away, thanks to the generosity of Jarden Home Brands. If you’re planning to host a canning party or teaching someone the ropes of canning and preserving in the coming weeks, here’s a chance to win a free gift from Jarden.

E-mail us with your contact info and you’ll be entered to win: A canning coupon, a copy of the Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving or a Ball® Canning Discovery TM Kit (canning rack with an integrated jar-lifter, a set of 3 pint jars, lids and bands, a beginner’s guide to canning and a recipe booklet; retail value: $11.50).

To enter, send an e-mail to:

Please include in your e-mail: Your name, street address, city, state, zip code, and a few words about the party you’re planning, including the date of your party.

To help inspire others, we will use your first name and last name initial, as well as city/state on our canning events page. If you do not wish to be mentioned on the Canning Across America web site, please let us know. We invite you to share a few words describing your event to include on our Web site.

Deadline for entering: July 20, 2010. You must be 18 years old or older to enter.

Note: Coupons, books and kits are available on a limited, first-come, first-served basis. Your name, address and e-mail will be kept confidential and used only to mail your free gift. Offer is available to U.S. addresses only.

Getting Your Canning Party Started
* Invite your friends via Facebook, Evite or Pingg (we like these services because they track RSVPs).

* Register with Canning Across America so we can all share in the canning fun.

* Use our free online resource library full of how-to tips, articles and recipes to create your event.

Viva la Canvolution!


Kim O’Donnel

LogoW_Ribbon_NoShadow This giveaway is made possible by the generosity of Jarden Home Brands, makers of Ball ® Branded Fresh Preserving Products.


Are You Canning This Weekend? Tell Us About It!

As the Canvolution kicks off this weekend, we know you’ll be busy at the stove, but in the heat of the moment, don’t forget to document your role in this historic event! Take photos, jot down notes, scribble poetry and send’em our way! We’d love to highlight your canning parties, classes and demos, no matter how great or small.

Send us all dispatches to:



Welcome to the Canning Across America web site!

 Canning Across America is a grassroots-inspired nationwide event that honors the revival of the time-honored art of canning.

Throughout the country, households will join each other the weekend of August 29/30, 2009 to preserve the summer’s bounty. In addition to home canning parties, chefs and food-preservation experts will host classes designed to inspire people how to can creatively and safely. 

Whether you’re new to canning or have been putting up food your whole life, we hope that you’ll partake in the festivities during Canning Across America weekend.

The Canning Across America web site is designed to serve as a community and information clearinghouse. If you plan to can this weekend, please write to us at our email address (see Contact Us, right) and let us know. Include whatever information you care to share—including your name, city/state of residence, the foods you’ll be canning—and we’ll post it on the website in the Events section. 

Have a question about canning? On the web site, you’ll find educational articles on the subject as well as Q+As by food-preservation experts.

 We hope the Canning Across America weekend helps to inspire untold numbers of people—including yourself—to celebrate the craft of creating delicious foods that can sustain you throughout the year.


Stephanie Gailing, Canning Across America contributor